The Glitter Nail Lacquer Case by Casetify for iPhone 8 Review

Everyone wants to start their new year with new things and if thee that thing is an iPhone, it’s a delight. If you are an iphone user and a loyal fan you can never switch to any other phone. The core value that is simplicity attracts everyone. The iPhone 8 is one of the best phones if the iPhone series.

Every girl who owns a phone, especially an iPhone have a concern to protect it from all the accidents and yet along with security everybody wants style and design.

Thousands of cases makes it to the market and so the phones; the cases have become very important and with time cases businesses have also upped their game to provide protection and shield the phone from any harm and yet the charm and style are also very important. The users keep searching for the best designs and functionality but fail to find it very easily. And who doesn’t want a case that is safe and decent and elegant? And what good is a case if it hides away the design and elegance of your iPhone 8. Nobody gets an iPhone to cover it with low-quality case and destroy its beauty. iPhone has this amazing and elegant features which demand to be shown off. In search of amazing design, people keep finding different cases to suit their phone and also their personality.

Here is a review for glitter nail lacquer case for your iPhone 8 to help you choose the best case to match the personality and to make a style statement and which is also durable.

Liquid glitter case

It is made from soft polycarbonate (TPU) and hard polycarbonate (PC), have liquid glitter inside which is not toxic at all and certified by professionals and it has passed all the security tests. It is made from high-quality material and has a luxury outlook.


It is compatible with wireless charging, you don’t have to slide it on and off again and again and protect it from scratches and damage. The compatibility to wireless charging helps a lot. This shows that the functionality has not been compromised on fashion and a balance between both is maintained.

Two layer protection

It has two layers, the outer shell is hard whereas the inner one is soft. The outer layer to keep the phone protected from the accidental drops and the inner layer to prevent it from scratches.
It provides full proof protection to your phone and secures it from every angle.


You don’t have to slide off the phone to plug in your earphone or any other accessory, you can easily slide it on and off, whereas play and use ports even when the case is on.


This beautiful case is available in six different colors including, chrome gold, unicorn pastels, midnight blue, rose pink, monochrome silver, and black. Each one of them is so classy and glamorous, that it will definitely catch your eyes and grab your attention.


It costs $45 which is a fairly good rate for a case of this quality.