Sena Ultra Slim Leather Sleeve for iPhone XR

Whenever you purchase a new phone, you make sure it stays protected and stays new. No one wants a battered phone with scratches or bumps all over. Especially if you own an Apple iPhone, that too the iPhone XR. No one wants to go to parties or special events with such a phone.
Whenever buying a phone case, you must give heed to its style and appearance and the amount of protection it offers.
The following review will provide information on the Sena Ultra Slim Leather Sleeve. Let us dig in.

Looks matter
Well, you own an iPhone XR, it is a sin to keep it in an ordinary phone case.
Rippled leather effect on the outside and a smooth lining inside. The Sena logo is embossed on the outer edge of the case. This isn’t one of those cases with threads hanging outside. There is only one side that is sewed up. The other end is smooth, facilitating when you slide your phone in your pockets. Every edge is smooth and sewn into perfection.
This chic and slim case will compliment your persona wherever you go.

The leather has a soft dense feel to it. It does not chip off as time goes by. The threads don’t hang loose, and the sewn side is towards the inside. The inside of the Sena Ultra-Thin Leather sleeve is made of suede.

Unique material
What makes it special is that it is properly stitched to the leather as well as being glued together. Unlike some other cases that solely glue cheap leather to the inner lining, that wears off in time giving you mush in hand. This phone case is stitched to the inner material. The suede does not have a major fall out due to constant movement by the phone. It stays in place along with the leather.

Leather protects your iPhone
The velvety suede makes sure you don’t scratch the precious screen whilst pulling your phone out of the leather. Furthermore, you find no ragged sewing. Every stitch is sleek and straight with a taught thread curving artistically around the corners.
The leather is long lasting and highly durable and will not chip away as others do. Adding to it, the sleeve allows easy access to your phone. Certain phone cases have protection limited to the back. With leather completely enveloping the phone, it fights off any impact or scratch from dust and debris.

Colors Available
Black and tan colors are available and both are good to go for.

Cost Factor
It is $39.95 on Sena’s official site. This case is cut out for those who enjoy the actual feel of their phone but wish to safeguard it as well. The feel of this case is rich. It does not slip from your grip. Folks with sweaty palms, do not worry. The Sena UltraSlim Leather Sleeve is immune to your sweat. It will not abandon you or your phone. As the lining in other cases tends to slide the phone out when tilted. It has enough resistance to prevent any such mishap from happening.