Peel Super Thin for iPhone XR

There is no doubt that the iPhone XR is both sophisticated and highly advanced. This phone exudes exorbitant class and you should have a case to match that level. If you are reading this review, you certainly are worried about the wellbeing of your phone. It is obvious that you still haven’t found anything interesting out of the chunky and bulky pile of mess.
Peel Super Thin for iPhone XR will cover your phone and shield it away from peril. It is the epitome of sophistication.
Read on, iPhone XR users, this is going to get a whole lot interesting.

There are no useless edges or curves. This case is the most minimalist of all cases. The smooth clean crisp surface is to die for. There are no engraved insignias to complicate things. It is just a plain and simple case for your iPhone XR. Simple is the new sexy.

Product Aspects
It’s a slim and minimal phone case that comes with a 2-year warranty. For those of you who adore the feel of the phone in their hand, this case is just for you. The Peel Super Thin, as the names suggest is a very slim case. It is made up from a gel/rubber material. So, there are no chances of you to scrape your phone whilst putting the cover on the phone. Many other cases composed of harder material, tend to destroy the corners of the phone due to the resistance offered at the said areas.

Easy to Install and Use
It is super easy to install the case, just pop it on your phone and pull the edges of the cover on your phone.
This cover comes in a huge variety of colors. You can easily contrast or get one that matches. It hugs your phone perfectly, leaving no air spaces. As it is a rubber/gel case, many people refrain from buying them as they get loose as time passes by. Not the Peel Super Thin, it does not stretch with wear.

Scratch Protection
The edges have slightly raised bezels, that offer protection from any scratches if the phone is accidentally swept from a surface. It is obviously not as protective as an Otterbox or Mous.
The cover is smooth and it’s not slippery. Grip will not be lost on this phone due to the dense rubber it is made of.
The cutouts are sized perfectly for the camera lens and the port entry areas. As the bezels aren’t high, the camera view is not hindered in any way.

Color Range
From sleek black to sophisticate white, it comes in colors that the iPhone XR comes in. It also comes in a clear case for people who wish to show their Apple insignia and the actual phone features.

It costs $25 from It caters to people with minimalistic needs. People who don’t contemplate on throwing their phones from the balcony will simply adore this phone case. It offers minimalist protection with minimalist looks.